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Eligibility criteria for Spin-Zone

1) Applicant must have a demonstrable need.

2) Applicant must have a plan, including a time table, to transition from being dependent to independent insofar as transportation is concerned.

3) If SPIN-zone personnel doesn?t know the applicant, references required.

4) Applicant must be able to limit their driving to 210 miles/week, in order to have free use of a car. Some situations may justify a higher allotment of free miles.

5) If SPIN-zone personnel doesn?t know the applicant personally, the applicant must identify a willing and acceptable accountability partner.

6) All residents of applicant?s household that are of driving age, must have a valid drivers license and acceptable driving records.

7) All applicants must be at least 21 years of age.

8) All applicants must be honest, responsible, and a person of integrity.

9) SPIN-zone retains the right to modify the eligibility criteria "at will? and without advanced notice.

10) Applicants must live and work within a 50 mile radius of Cottonwood, MN.