D. A. Hoff Charitable foundation a.k.a.

1) Do I need to go to a particular church to be able to ask SPIN-zone for the use of a car?

Attending church is not a prerequisite. We do however; encourage everyone to attend a Bible believing church and learn more about God and his plan of salvation through his son Jesus Christ.

2) Am I restricted to a certain income level to use a spin zone vehicle?

No. The occasional need for temporary transportation seems to cross all economic boundaries. SPIN-zone is happy to consider applications from anyone without regard for their position in the economic scale. There are, as you would expect, defined expenses that a successful applicant must pay while in possession of a SPIN-zone car

3) What about insurance?

Ideally the applicant will have auto insurance in force at the time a request is made to borrow a car. It?s not a requirement.

4) How important is my driving record?

The SPIN-zone will only loan cars to to people with a decent ( not necessarily perfect) driving record. SPIN-zone will do an MVR check on all applicants before loaning a car to them

5) What is the length of time I can borrow a vehicle from the SPIN-zone?

Two weeks is the standard length of time a car is loaned. In certain situations SPIN-zone may extend the length of time a car is loaned, but SPIN-zone?s primary mission is not to provide long term solutions to transportation needs.

6) How does SPIN-zone get the cars it loans out ?

Some are purchased, some are donated. and some are a combination of purchased and donated. The parent organization which operates SPIN-zone is, the D. A. Hoff Charitable foundation, Inc. This Charitable foundation is legally identified by the IRS as a 501-c-3 nonprofit organization. We issue ?tax deductible? receipt for all donations ---- whether for cash or a vehicle or some combination of the two.

D. A. Hoff Charitable Foundation

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